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Dutch club has room to grow among tall people

Tags: Excerpts from the Windmill

GOUDA – In other groups 2-metres tall John Hekelaar likely would rate among the tallest. Not so, in the Klub Lange Mensen (KLM), Tall People Club, which admits any male as member when over 1,90 metres. For females the threshold is 1,80 metres. About 2,000 people have joined the club, a tiny fraction of the potential of 800,000 Netherlanders who would qualify. A recent survey has reconfirmed that the Dutch still are the world’s tallest people. Hekelaar thinks that nutritious food and healthcare are contributing factors but has no proof. Having a towering frame has its downside however, especially when traveling and in buildings. Hekelaar already discovered the disadvantages in school: school benches were a tight fit for tall students.