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New railway route to connect young town with old cities

Tags: Excerpts from the Windmill

KAMPEN – Work has started on a new railway dubbed the Hanze-line. The new line will connect Lelystad, one of the youngest cities in the Netherlands, with Overijssel’s capital Zwolle, a formerly strategic Hanseatic League member. The line will have two stops along the route, one at Dronten, a just decades-old city in the reclaimed province of Flevoland, and at Kampen, Zwolle’s Hanseatic League colleague and competitor. At the junction between the polder province and “het oude land” a tunnel bridges the divide, the Dronten Lake. The line also will pass the centuries old city of Hattem which until now insists on getting a tunnel below the River IJssel instead of the projected bridge. The Hanzeline will only cover 50 kilometres but ties into the railway hub at Zwolle.