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Relational packages increasing popular for Christmas giving

Tags: Excerpts from the Windmill

LEIDSCHENDAM Employers in the Netherlands have bought into the concept of giving Christmas packages to their employees. The concept has grown in popularity over the years. In two weeks, 4.7 million such packages were delivered throughout the country, an increase of 500,000 over last year. A study on behalf of the Foundation Information Office Christmas Packages (a free translation of Stichting Voorlichtingsbureau Kerstpakketten) also found that in 2006 the so-called Tapas, the Relax and the Sport Packages came in as the most popular choices. The Tapas option includes a range of exclusive, often Mediterranean type of foods, usually consumed as finger food at get-togethers or receptions. The practical element of the Dutch has not been lost, items such as baking forms and waffle irons remain popular as well.