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Traditional pub reopens for additional years after renovation

Building nearly 500 years old

Tags: Excerpts from the Windmill

BREDA, the Netherlands – The pub De Roode Hert (the Red Deer) has been at the same location since its opening day. So have many other businesses but none as long as the Breda café which has been in operation since the year 1518. A so-called brown and traditional establishment, De Roode Hert has seen 31 pub owners come and go.

Owner Piet de Jong who has run the place for twenty years, at the time commissioned a book about De Roode Hert for its 475th anniversary in 1993. Researchers learned that the café’s home dates from 1509, when local priest Peter de Bruyn had it built for his parish. In 1518, the building was sold to entrepreneur Gielis Beys who turned it into an inn. The book lists De Jong as the café’s 32nd owner.

De Roode Hert recently was reopened after a renovation, and continues on its time-bound theme.