Cities in the Netherlands

North Sea Region

The Story of Zandvoort

The predominant beach resort of the Netherlands, especially for the citizens of Amsterdam. It also has attracted quite a following among German tourists. Because of the appeal as a resort, most of its attraction comes from tourist venues. The famed auto racing track recently reopened after years of extensive renovations. Belltower of the church dates from 15th century. The town itself in all aspects caters to the tourism industry, from bed-and-breakfast and residential summer rentals, to all kind of resort amenities such as the casino and the circus. Originally known as Sandevoerde - a ford or entry through the sand dunes - in the 12th century, the village has developed from an earlier habitation by fishermen. Some 2,000 years ago, sand drifts had formed west of the sea wall where Haarlem is located, forming ‘new’ dunes but leaving a path from the beach to the lower dunes beyond. Sandevoerde eventually became Zandvoort, and still has majestic beaches and dunes.

Municipality of 16,000 (in 1840 just over 1,000 with 200 dwellings) also includes hamlet of Bentveld.