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The Story of Schoorl

Seat of the municipality of 6,700 people, which also ncludes (since 1833) the former municipality of Groet. At that time Schoorl as a village had only 66 inhabitants, smaller than all its villages and hamlets: Aagdorp, Buitenduin, Bregdorp, Catrijp and Hargen. Only Camp and Schoorldam were smaller. On all sides Schoorl is surrounded by nature, from dunes and woods to polder meadows and meandering rural roads connecting it to Bergen in the south and Groet and the seaside resort of Camperduin to the north. Groet's former municipal hall - built in 1639 - is the smallest in the country and not much larger (or more impressive) than a labourer's dwelling.

Famous son: Jan van Scorel (1495) painter.