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The Story of Scheveningen

The most international and grandiose of all Dutch seaside resorts, Scheveningen is part of the municipality of The Hague and always has been an administrative entity within that city. It had 900 inhabitants in 1840. Historic parts of what originally was a fishing village can be seen at the Old Church, an edifice built in the 14th century. Scheveningen has all the sights, sounds and scenery of other famed resorts, including the Kurhaus, a casino and a renovated Pier which in 1961 had replaced an earlier one, built in 1901 but demolished during the war.

Scheveningen is older than The Hague, but was destroyed and rebuilt many times because of the encroaching sea. Famed as the sea resort of The Hague.

Also the landing site of King William I when he returned from exile after the withdrawal of Napoleon's troops in 1814.

Famous sons: prof dr Jan van Baal (1909) anthropologist; Dirk van Gelder (1907) graphic artist; Cornelis Jol (1600) sailor; Wim Kan (1911) comedian; Thijs Mauve (1915) painter; drs Jan Pronk (1940) politician; prof. Felix Vening Meinesz (1887) geophysicist.