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The Story of Heiloo

The independent municipality of 22,000 had 700 inhabitants in 1840 when it included the villages and hamlets of Overigelaan, Nieuwpoort, Boekelermeer, De Westerzij, De Oosterzij, Zevenhuizen, Bollendorp en Maalwater.

In the 11th century it was known as Heilegelo, literally ‘holy woods’. Wooded areas are still a major feature around contemporary Heiloo.

The recognizable ‘white church’ of Heiloo had its origins in the 17th century. Willibrord's original church of the 8th century burnt down in 1568, was rebuilt soon after, but met with a similar fate during the Siege of Alkmaar in 1573. A well struck around 700 still bears the name of Willibrord who preached in the area at the time.

Famous daughter: Marie Junging (1864) author.