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The Story of Egmond

As a municipality - now with 13,000 people - it came into existence in 1978 through a merger with Egmond-Binnen and Egmond aan Zee and also includes Egmond aan den Hoef and hamlet Rinnegom. Egmond aan den Hoef is the location of the ruins of the castle of the Lords of Egmond. It was torched - with the local church and much of the village - in 1573 by Spanish troops. The church was rebuilt in 1633 and is dedicated to the missionary Adalbert. Originally built around 750, the first church in the area was erected near the homestead (mund) of a man called Egge, hence its 9th century name Latin name Eghecmundum. Famous sons: Nicolaus de Graaf (1617) maritime author; Willem Heda (1450) historian; Nicolaas van Nieuwland (1510) bishop.