Cities in the Netherlands

North Sea Region II

The Story of Domburg

The oldest seaside resort on Walcheren lost its independence in 1996 and now is part of the large municipality of Veere. In 1840, when there were some 140 permanent homes, it already attracted foreign tourists. Nearby - in the dunes - is a 400 acre, partly wooded nature reserve: Westhove. Castle Westhove - which belongs to the Abbey of Middelburg - is home to the regional Museum of Nature History. Another landmark, be it of dubious value, is the concrete 1933 water tower, the top of which resembles a British WWII helmet. The Marie Tak van Poortvliet Museum highlights works by the so-called Domburg Group of painters, one of whom was Mondrian, who for a time lived and worked in the area and who later settled in New York.