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North Sea Region II

The Story of Aardenburg

One of the oldest towns in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, it originated at the fortified Roman border settlement Castellum Rodanum, but already was inhabited around 5000 BC. Aardenburg gained economic prominence in the 9th century. Around 1250, the merchant town - then named Rodenburg - had seven market squares. War, floods and the silting of its harbor decimated its importance. In 1672 it successfully repelled an attack by a large French army. Until 1994 an independent municipality, Aardenburg incorporated such nearby villages as Sint Kruis, Eede, Draaibrug and Eiland. The town itself in 1840 had 230 dwellings with 1295 inhabitants.

The Municipal Archeological Museum has a large collection of regional finds from Roman and Medieval times.